Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes that are quick, easy and kids will love! Restaurant favorites such as Chicken Marsala, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Chicken Francese.

According to the

National Chicken Council, here are some common terms that consumers may see on packaging:

"Free Range"

Chicken may be labeled “free range” if the animals were given access to the outdoors. Generally this does not mean that the chickens have a large, grassy “range” but that they are given access to a fenced area, or pen, outside the chicken house. The size of the pen varies but is usually smaller or about the same size as the chicken house itself. Chickens will often stay close to the water and chicken feed, which is usually located within the house, so they may or may not utilize the pen.


Raising chickens organically is a production concept. The USDA defines organic production and prohibits the use of the term "organic" on packaging of any food product not produced in accordance with its rule.

The organic rule prohibits the use of antibiotics in animal production and requires the use of feed made from organic ingredients, so that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on the corn and soybeans used to make poultry feed, among many other requirements.


All chickens are raised on farms. So the label “farm-raised” can refer to any chicken. When this term is used on restaurant menus and the like, it usually refers to chickens raised on a local farm.

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