Turkey Saltimbocca

Serves: 4-6 - Cooking Method: Stovetop - Total Time: 30 minutes

Turkey saltimbocca or can be made with chicken breasts. Turkey breast fillets simmered in garlic and olive oil, then topped with prosciutto, provolone and a savory herb wine sauce. A quick and easy recipe for a weeknight meal or nice enough for entertaining. - For the garlic lover in all of us!

What's for Dinner:


Turkey Saltimbocca

Wilted Spinach

Buttered Parmesan Penne



This recipe may have too much garlic for finicky eaters. Simply brown their turkey fillet in a sautee pan with just olive oil, top with sliced proscuitto (or ham) and cheese and set aside. Let kids dip their turkey into the savory herb wine sauce.


Turkey Breast Fillets - 6
Olive Oil – 4 Tbsp
Butter – 1 block
Garlic – ½ cup (this is for the true garlic lover - you may wish to use less)
Salt – ¼ tsp
Pepper – ¼ tsp
Sage – 2 Tbsp
White Wine – 1 cup
Prosciutto – 6 slices
Provolone – 6 slices


If your turkey fillets are thick or of uneven thicknesses, place fillets one at a time into a plastic bag and flatten with a rolling pin by applying firm pressure and rolling in all directions. 1. Into medium-sized sautee pan over medium heat add: Olive Oil, Butter, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Sage. Heat until butter melts.

2. Add Turkey Fillets and brown for several minutes on each side until cooked through (no pink showing when sliced open). Top with slices of Proscuitto and Provolone. Cover and heat until cheese melts. Add White Wine and simmer sauce for 2 minutes. Place fillets on serving platter and set aside.

3. Using non-metal spatula, scrape bottom of sautee pan to loosen any particles and add remaining ingredients. Heat for 2 minutes and pour wine sauce over fillets on platter.

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