Cinnamon Pork Chops with Carmelized Onions

Serves: 4-6 - Cooking Method: Stovetop - Total Time: 30 minutes

Pork Chops Cinnamon - Trim, pork chops are seared with a sprinkling of cinnamon-sugar to form a sweet glaze for the moist chops. Sliced onions are then carmelized with dried cherries in the same pan and served atop the pork chops. Kid Friendly and a quick easy dinner recipe for a school night meal.

What's for Dinner:

Cinnamon Pork Chops with Carmelized Onions

Homemade Applesauce

Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Steamed Broccoli

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Tall Glass of Cold Milk a


If you have finicky eaters, sear the pork chops with the cinnamon and sugar and then remove to warm platter. Serve the carmelized onions and cherries on the side.


Boneless, center cut Pork Chops 4oz each - 6
Cinnamon - 2 tsp
Sugar - 2 Tbsp
Butter – 3 Tbsp

Onions, sliced – 1 1/2 cups
Balsamic Vinegar – 2 Tbsp
Dried Cherries – 1/3 cup
Apple Juice – 1/3 cup
Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp


1. Spray medium skillet with cooking spray and place pork chops in pan over medium heat for 4 minutes.
2. Combine cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle 1/2 the mixture over chops. Flip chops and cook for 8 minutes.

3. Sprinkle this side with remaining cinnamon sugar mixture, flip chops and cook for another 8 minutes until centers are no longer pink when slit open.

4. Transfer chops to warm plate and cover to keep warm.

5. In same pan over low heat, add butter and onions and simmer for 10 minutes until onions are softened. Add cherries and apple juice and simmer for 10 minutes more. Pour onion mixture over warm pork chops and serve.

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