Welcome to the first edition of DMQ Table Talk.

An E-zine for those of us wanting to live our lives through food.

Seasonal Recipe sure to chase away those winter blues:

Turkey Kiev Turkey Kiev - a classic restaurant favorite gets updated with the use of turkey! Turkey or chicken breast fillets are stuffed with an herbed butter and coated with Japanese breadcrumbs. When the roll is pierced with a fork or cut open, the turkey emits a jet of fragant, melted butter. Fancy and delicious!

Cook Once/Eat Twice - Superbowl Survival Guide:

Superbowl Survival Guide Our plan for feeding your family delicious meals all week - and enjoying game day with your guests. Cook once-eat twice! Our Quick Easy Dinner Recipes will build a Superbowl Party that includes: Stromboli, BBQ Chicken Pizza, Fried Wontons, Stuffed Mushroom Caps and Filled Potato Skins.

Fun with Food:

Now is the time to beat those winter blues. Spend some time with your family planning a small vegetable or herb garden for the spring. Visit the produce aisle of the grocery store and examine the wide variety of vegetables that could inspire your vision. Browse through seed catalogs to determine if your chosen vegetables would grow well in your climate. And lastly, experiment with some vegetable-heavy recipes to help melt away those winter pounds and keep you healthy during the winter months.

Garlic Bean Spread with Crostini

Chicken Noodle Soup

Garden Manicotti

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